There is a scent of Freedom


There Is A Scent Of Freedom

April 6, 2021, 21:55


There is a scent of Freedom in the air…

Gliding so playful, birds on waves all flew…

The nostrils are vibrating to the tremor

of winds and flowers, Spring is birthing new…


A feeling new in human hearts vibrating…

A need for smile and laughter with Spring grew…

New pulses beat our chest, the eyes are shining,

when Universe salutes to humans flew…


It’s FREEDOM! Hearts discover new harmonics!

Our smiles and laughter with new Spring all grew…

We’ll learn be happy, love and hug all brothers,

while celebration greetings to us flew…


Take courage to be dignifying beings,

magnificent, He always meant us Be…

We’ll learn be hopeful, dance and sing, and joyful

our Freedom welcome, learning to be Free!…




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