Something miraculous happened!


Something Miraculous Happened!

Sunday, March 14, 2021, 12:12


Something miraculous happened.

This Moment of No Time. This day.

The Cosmos suspended the seconds.

The planet still turned. And then stay.


Stretching mind to contain Cosmic pulses.

Harpsichords I seem hear in flight…

A New Music exude Universes,

Galaxies sing in Joy, shine new Light…


What Grandeur! I tune into the feeling…

What miraculous Cosmic delight!

Stretch my heart to embrace all these Wonders,

of not seen and not heard Godly Might!


Celebrations!!! All worlds start now dancing!

Celebrations!!! The Angels all sing!

Victory!!! Godly LIGHT conquered darkness!

Floods of Joy Godly LOVE to Earth brings!




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