Old shoes


Old Shoes

Sunday, Mach 14, 2021, 17:17


Old shoes drop away at the entrance.

Clean and pure you step in New Light!

Wash your face, see through eyes of renewal,

for indeed, gone are suffering and fight!


As for shoes, you will not even need ones.

Earth is New and will hold you in Grace!

You’ll be gliding on her and you’ll hover,

in New height of your heart, and new pace!


Touching Earth, will be song and a prayer.

You’ll connect to her Being, in Love.

You’ll treat her with respect, and be thoughtful,

and be grateful for all gifts above.


From day one you’ll be changed like an Angel.

Wings you’ll fly, and with Heavens you’ll dance!

For in Freedom, restored to God’s Essence,

overcome have you darkness and trance!!!




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