You Love dancing with me


You Love Dancing With Me

March 13, 2021, 11:55


You love dancing with me, in the Highest,

as I mesmerized dance with You!…

Worlds and worlds through the stars we are dancing,

in such Wonder, I might think not true…


What a Harmony, all Your Great Creation!…

What a Joy to fly Eons with You!…

What a vastness of Rainbows and colours,

I, astonished, might think are not true!…


And that wondrous Music of Your spheres!…

How all thrills, melodies, bow to You!…

How Your Wonders melt all in each other,

in perfection, I might think not true!…


See no End to Your Universes.

All this Love, all this Joy express You!…

How I love dance with You in the Highest,

overwhelmed, I might think is not true…




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