After the Eons


After The Eons

December 11, 2020, 22:22


After the Eons, your misery has convinced you are poor.

After Eons, your Joy’s gone, in your fight to survive.

You starve and you labour, to give bread to your children,

for you love them, and struggle to keep them alive.


After Eons you take misery for the normal.

Walk in rags and don’t dare to look up at kings.

You’re a slave, and your dignity got lost through the Eons,

and your misery is your life’s only state of all things.


I remember my beautiful mother. An Angel.

She had nothing all life, yet not once said a word.

She was shaking with laughter, in her love to us, children,

for she new Love’s abundance in the heart deepest chord!


Yet, when not seen, she cried, starring long into nothing…

Misery was too much, she felt bitter and lost.

For through Eons, the dark brought us, slaves, to despair,

so the Joy was forgotten, the life’s marvelous cost…


Hear! The Earth called to Father! Hear! He made a Great Plan!

He sent legions of Angels save His children of Earth!

Wants us laugh and be joyful, on His Earth live in Freedom,

in abundance and wonder, this New Day of Rebirth!



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