For we’ve been


For We’ve Been

December 11, 2020, 11:11 pm


For we’ve been all the trodden,

we’ve been beaten and sold,

to keep you in your castle,

you, the rich monsters bold…


With the whip we’ve been punished.

You have muzzled us up.

And to this day you scramble

to catch us in your trap!


You kidnap our children.

Them abuse with no shame!

Drink their blood in your dungeons,

and still claim to your fame!


Over seas you have lost us.

Over bord, to the deep

you’ve thrown us, and no justice

ever payed, nor keep!


You are trafficking children!

Monsters buy our boys.

And your friends in high places,

desecrate them as toys!


Our girls, our women,

for your sick ways you use,

in obscene depravation

and your bestial abuse!


Shame on you, sick creatures,

hiding in human skin!

Much too far you’ve exploit

Father’s Love for His kin!


There is Justice in Heavens!

And no hole you can go.

Shocked you’ll be by His hammer,

when He’ll hit with a blow!




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