You cannot measure


You Cannot Measure

December 10, 2020, 22:00


For, see, you cannot measure

Magnificence of God!

In vain you walk around

with your sick or your rod.


You cannot have a meter,

for that which is Divine!

So stop your void pretenses,

of poor darkened mind…


You simply have no meter

to measure Greatness, man.

You pumped yourself a bubble,

and play your own fan!


The notions, you were twisting.

Misuse all sense of word.

Embarked are you on falsehood,

your ship has lost its North!


There possibly’s no meter

for you to measure God!

Forget your tricks and jonglers,

your stones, and bones, and rods.


Forget your cards and crystals,

and bubbler with no end!

You cannot measure Godness,

or guess for what it stands.


Forget your monstrous noises!

Your greed to pile your goods!

Ridiculous your concepts

of drink, eat crazy foods.


Let it all fall. Awaken

to Whom You Are in Him!

Essence Divine remember,

in your heart, of His kin.


It is your heart alone!

In silence and in Love,

you’ll see through all His Wonder,

Magnificence above.



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