These are not God’s creation!


These are Not God’s Creation!


These are not God’s creation.

These are raptors and thugs.

They crawl deep swamps and miasma,

undergrounds and muds…


They have teeth to devour.

Their ugliness stinks.

How can Father make gators,

killer sharks, do you think?


Snakes hit man from behind.

Vipers bites, venom kill!

Skorpions, on earth crawling:

is this Father’s work, still?


Take the octopus, killing

with tentacles to suck!

Choke and suffocate others,

wickedly, listig krak!


Open eyes! See Creation:

it’s all Beauty and Love!

What denies Love and Beauty,

it is NOT from above!



Ein Salzwasserkrokodil sperrt in Australien sein Maul auf. Auf den Philippinen soll ein 500 Kilogramm schweres Exemplar einen Fischer getötet haben. Foto: Brian Cassey/AAP/epa
Nilkrokodiel leben normalerweise in Afrika
Das etwa 1,5 Meter lange und rund 15 Kilogramm schwere Krokodil gehörte zur seltenen Art der Philippinen-Krokodile.




Pastor mauled by giant crocodile during baptismal ceremony



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