We just have no idea


We Just Have No Idea

August 20, 2020, 22:22


We just have no idea, how this planet is working,

and how much, oh, how much is at stake!


We just fall in hypnosis, drink our beer, News ingesting,

all like slaves, with no choice left to make!


For our planet invaded, and our raptors are monsters,

hide deep under false flesh and false skin,


While our DNA doctored, from 12 strands just 2 helix,

work a life, thrown when finished  n’trash bin!


All abused, body, mind and FREEDOM!

We don’t know Who We Are, is that so?


Slaves are we, docile wearing our muzzles,

never knowing, in life, where we go!


Watch! All they call us, is ‘chattle’!

‘Useless eaters’ they call us, the slaves!


For their life elixir they eat humans,

they dismember and waste, with no graves!


The vast cosmos is filled with our brothers.

But for eons we’re told, we’re alone!


We, the ‘useful idiots’ are now waking,

and come up with forks, torches and stone!



August 21, 2020, 11:33


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