Sophia Love

July 3, 2020


It is I, Sophia. It is One.

Thank you for coming forward.

There is nothing “in your way” now to stop or even delay this next phase. We have discussed how it is right on your doorstep. Now that door has been opened, and you’ve welcomed it into your home. You feel this. You all feel this.

This energy is not one you can see so it is challenging to describe. It is felt differently and responded to differently, depending on each individual. There is no universal response. Yet the experience of this field is global. All of you, on some level, know that something has or is in the process of changing for you. What can be said is this. You have begun active participation in your Ascension process now.

What becomes clear for some of you is confusing others. Some of you are prepared and thus “buckling down”.

You will not suffer during this next phase. You will change, however, and that fact alone creates stress for you. Not all stress is negative – it is a starting point for things, a push off or jump off moment into something new.

What can be said is this. You will not proceed through to the final days of this month and end up in the same place and circumstance you find yourself in today. Not by a long shot.

There are external divisions. There are internal decisions. You will self-determine your progress, response and location through all of this. Alternate circumstances will present new stressors and instigators for change.

These are unrecognizable from anything in your prior current life.

You will catch a glimpse of heaven. You will face some personal demons. Not actual demons, but emotionally quite effective. You will meet yourselves, decide for yourselves, and emerge.

Your entrance into the next month* is from an entirely different point of view. Your world will look different to you at that point. Do not be fearful. All of this is reason to celebrate and explore! All of the positive changes we’ve spoken of, now occur for you.

Remember though, that destruction of some of it has to occur to set the stage for the new. You will witness the destruction. You will witness the new.

What happens for you next will render all that has happened thus far, a “walk in the park”. You will be engaged. You are advised to roll with it and engage. You are prepared.

The physical changes you feel now are necessary aspects of the Ascension process while remaining in form. They are not signs of illness. They are signs of change. You are literally re-forming your physical vehicles. Cooperate with it and it will proceed for you more comfortably.

By that is meant – allow it to rest, feed it nourishment in the way of live food, and water, and remain physically active. Your vitality will increase regardless of current length of time “alive”. It is all relative, yet what can be said in a general way is that there is improvement in strength in these re-formed vehicles, and a renewed desire to move them. You are changing.

Of all the times ahead of you, these next thirty days or so may just be the most radically different. This, because it begins as a surprise and introduces the next phase, if you will. It changes “business as usual” on your planet. Nothing will be looked at the same from here on.

Your skill at moving through this is about equal for all of you. What looks different now though, are personal responses, readiness and prior preparation. All of these will form your response. Some of you, who have undergone no prior thought about Ascension, will respond quickly to it and adjust, remembering then why you are here. Others of you will resist in some way, and there you’ll have the most difficulty.

It will be a simple thing to locate the axis of resistance – it will be found in the place of most discomfort for you – these ways will be physical responses, relationship responses, spiritual responses, inner anxiety. You’ll know.
Accept and allow. Accept and allow. Accept and allow.

You are heading towards a better, in all ways better, world and physical life. You have not all arrived yet, but the journey begins intensely and now.

These dreams I’m having make no sense. What are they about and/or what do they signify?

You are looking at a world/a reality of multiple lives and awareness’s or timelines. The beings in them represent other beings, yet without the reference point of this life. These are other moments. They are lived other moments.
There will be a level of awareness in your Ascension process when you’ll access all of them, and feel all of them as simultaneously true. You’ll then comprehend them.

Is there anything else that can be said about these next few days specifically? So much focus and anticipation for them now.

It begins. You’ll find your answers there and universally so.

We’ll speak again on this.

That is all.

Thank you.

*(meaning August 2020)


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