You have no means to grasp


You Have No Means To Grasp


You have no means to grasp

all the Works of My Father!

Nor conceive will you ever

Acts of Heavenly Brother!


You can fetch some ideas.

You can sing some good creeds.

How — I ask you, you’ll journey

to the core of His Deeds?


Far away from the future

you’ll return all the way,

to a long, lost past ancient

deeply buried in clay…


Alexandria sunken.

All Atlantis destroyed.

How you’ll search in the rubles,

lost in ruins and void?


Oh, the Truth was all buried!

Oh, the ages of theft!

As the cattle, with blinders,

and as slaves were we kept!…


Not were you in existence,

nor you holding a pen,

when His Plan to Salvage you

has He done for His ken…


Nor you knew of the darkness

slaughtering our plane,

or the Legions He sent us,

and of Warriors, all slain…


And now trumpets are blown.

Truth explodes in the sky!

How you’ll find your courage,

when they still lie and lie?…


There’s a Time we need open 

huge, our hearts to the tone,

of that music from Heavens

of Truth written in stone!…


There’s a Time we need listen

to the sound of Light,

to the choirs of Angels

praising God and His fight…


So let’s all our hearts open!

Golden Era is he!

All His Rainbows He’ll blow on

our hearts, blow us free!!!






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