Thanks God!


Thanks God!


Thanks God!

There is a Father of Love,

Who can save us

right when we think we’re lost!


For He only 

knows our eons of Fights,

cruel battles and wars,

we have fought at all cost!


It was He,

Who has healed our wounds,

Who has wiped our tears

holding us in His arms…


Eons long,

were we slashing the dark,

on this earth,

standing in ways of harms…


From all fronts 

we all finally come Home,

to the One,

Who has carried us well,


Knowing He,

each of us holding tender, 

deaths we conquered,

on this planet of Hell!…


He’ll not throw us

in the bins for recycling,

nor desert us

in a homeless death spin…


In His mercy,

gracious Father of Love,

celebrates us

in His Heavens above…


For His Children we are all,

of His Essence in Light,

and in His arms we come now,

Victors all in His Fight!






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