Have you but heard


Have You But Heard


Have you but heard,

in the long course of ages,

of Divine State of Life, in the heart


of Creation, that Father

has bestowed on His children,

as immutable law for the Earth?


Have you looked in the marvels

of this wondrous Creation,

as to grok – that what you did not give,


by no means may you take,

or destroy, or disrupt,

for no one would you ever forgive?


Have you thought for a moment,

that by killing so cruel,

in the face of Creator you’ll be,


and you’ll have to give answers

of your monstrous, barbaric,

all the suffering you caused, He will see?


Look, the day is approaching,

when you’ll have to face justice,

you, destroyers and killers of Life!


And you’ll want to run, hiding,

from the crowds arriving,

and you’ll find neither rope, nor a knife!








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