The Divine State of Life


The Divine State of Life


The Divine State of Life is too sacred.

Do not try, even, touch or attack!

The Divine State of Life is God’s own

gift Supreme, God will never take back.


In this Sanctity lays all His Secret.

Is the Secret of Life Infinite.

Do not take it for granted, but Love it,

for His Love is All Loving, each bit!


Did we savour this gift so Divine

of Divine Mind of Cosmic Proportions?

Have we Children Divine ever tasted,

the Life’s nectar, in highly Divine potions?


How abundant our natural presents!

What a bounty, our Hopes, our Joy!

How harmonious, Divine Love between brothers,

of all children, each girl and each boy!


How then come, our happiness stolen?

Who was grabbing Divine Joy from our lives?

How such misery, possibly, conquered,

merciless our lives, sharp like knives?


How we lost Divine Hope in the eons?

How we saddled with yokes over neck?

Stealing Rights of us, children, the raptors

brought destruction to this planet nice fleck!


Oh, Divine Life we all never have known!

Divine Love brutal smashed from our lives!

Oh, Divine Joy and Hope they were killing,

with their lies and deceit and their knives!


Oh, our misery over the eons!

Stop!!! shall darkness, and brought to an end!

Our natural Divine Life we’ll cherish,

we, all children of God, brother, friend!








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