02. 02, 2020, 20:02


You’ve written

with Your Holy Hand,

on my forehead,



For in all lives

You gave me,

all I fought for



In all missions 

You sent me,

I was aiming



Even in

mother womb,

danced I happy



So, first day on this earth,

I was shouting

my joy

for the FREEDOM.


The great power,

I have it from You.

I can slash 

with Your Sword

in full Force.


Graceful dancer on this Earth 

I am,

but for FREEDOM to slash

is my aim.


Above all,

for my brothers I dance,

and Your Sword,

I do slash it for them.


On my forehead

FREEDOM You wrote,

And I focus my task

in Your Name.


Your Compassionate Child,

You called me.

For Your Glory

and for FREEDOM I came.






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