He called me Allemande


He Called Me Allemande


He called me Allemande,

to resound in me, 

with His voice, o, so gently,

the remembrance to be.


He called me Allemande,

to remind to me,

of an old pledge I gave Him,

dark enslavement, to free.


He called me His Allemande,

in this world come and dance,

in the Grace of His own,

wake my brothers from trance.


His Allemande He called me,

in His music to make,

all His Spheres, in tuning,

pirouetting awake.


As a witness, Allemande, 

I saw His children trapped,

on a wondrous plane, prison,

in abysmal depth kept.


He born me Allemande,

sent me turn the dark tide,

with the Forces of Heaven,

in His Will and His Might!


All the Cosmos He shattered!

In the Power of Love,

He called me Allemande,

fulfill Mission of Dove.


And so, I, Allemande,

from His Heart and His Love,

on His Ray flew, in dancing

all His Grace, as a Dove…


We are all His Allemande!

He Wills Sovereigns us be!

Prince of Peace comes to fulfill

Man and Earth to be free!





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