O, The Wonder You Are!


O, The Wonder You Are!


Yet again feel Your Being.

Yet again Feel Your Hand.

Let me dive in Your Pulsing,

in Your huge Cosmic Land.


Yet again are You there

with Your Angels so sweet,

hold me tight at Your Being,

at the Heart of Your beat…


I was lost in this abyss,

and I called of Your Name.

In this valley of tears,

came, the monsters to tame…


As the Eons were growing 

and the Time did not cease,

and Your children were dying,

in the ice ages freeze,


Oh, the pain has all conquered,

Oh, the pain buried all,

in the Mother Earth body

of this Tiny-Dot-Ball…


Did a dolphin jump oceans?

Nightingale started sing?

Did You give Divine signal

to revive slave and king?


O, the Wonder You are,

You, Creator of Life,

You, of Love the Creator,

and of Joy wide to thrive!


There is no death in Father!

There is no death at all,

in Your mighty Creation,

or on Tiny-Dot-Ball!


Life eternal is ours.

No long murder and kill!

All reborn are Your Children,

of the Father Your Will!






Шумановские резонансы





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