From far and higher realms descending


From Far and Higher Realms Descending


From far and higher realms descending,

determined, focused, strong,

came I to Earth-Tiny-Dot-Gaia,

on thunder of a gong…


To be a solitary Angel,

a Messenger of God,

it might feel sometimes like a stranger

on this sweet tiny spot.


And so I watch the wings and flyers,

those lovely beasts of air,

holding long talks with Nebadonia

the Mother, full of flair…


This Universe is Her playground.

For me, breathtaking all

the Artistry of Holy Mother,

on Earth from pole to pole!


She is so kind! Of all Wonder

and Beauty of this world,

she always keeps me, lovely smiling,

comforting in the cold.


A squirrel came to me this morning!

Its fluffy brown-red tail…

stunned me at once and made me smile,

Mother wouldn’t me fail!


A woodpecker, yesterday morning,

right in front, in my tree,

coloured so nice, tiny red cap,

never around to see!


And then those wondrous butterflies!

On New Earth they all flew.

Mother kept some, to comfort me…

She saw my smile grew!


Those sweetest doves, their lovely flights

straight up above my house,

and then a raven, elegant,

greeting me with a browse…


Some fifty geese, a magpie winged,

spectacular in flight,

the cutest jays, a family,

quick playing in my sight…


Oh, Mother, on this wondrous plane,

how blessed I am to be!

Descended I, from higher realms,

my brothers free to see!









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