A Song of Love for You


A Song of Love for You


For when You talk to me

the Sun is shining!

All stars vibrate

in cosmic, Loving pulse…


The moon would hide

in shade of thin tenebres, 

the music of Your voice

dreams me in trance…


You talk to me

and all my body trembles.

Like baby sweet

You hold me on Your lap.


That Fatherly delight

I can’t describe it,

for from my heart to Yours

is but a step!


I mostly need no words –

no words are needed,

to feel the LOVE 

in Fatherly embrace…


In highest of delight

I tremble gently,

immersed in LOVE,

in Father’s flood of Grace…


For yes, You talk to me

 all days and nights all.

In high delight I sleep

onto Your lap,


for found I that Divine 

way of Wonder,

between Your heart and mine,

a tiny step!


…Long days and nights

I’m talking with my Father.

There are no words

describe Divine delight!


For this delight

has always been a Wonder

of Wondrous Father,

Wondrous Divine Light!





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