Ah, that Beautiful Truth!


Ah, That Beautiful Truth!


A Seal of King Solomon’s Royal Steward Found

Friday, 13-Sep-2019

Adjacent to the City of David in Jerusalem, a unique and rare archaeological discovery was made, of the time of the Jewish Temple, about 2,600 years ago.

The ancient Hebrew inscription on the seal bears the words “Belonging to Adoniyahu, the Royal Steward”.

(Adon – i – yahu = Christ Michael Aton)

Seals such as the one found were used at the time of the First Temple to sign and seal official documents for the king.


The find is real enough however, those who lived there long ago migrated to Europe AND America. They are the so called ’12 lost tribes’ of the True Israel. Those living there today are Ashkenazi jews, from Khazaria, the today Ukraine.




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