Welcome, Lion!

Welcome, Lion!

August 8, 2019, 10:10


We already left for the stars.

Father is our pilot.


The Lionsgate Portal Is Here To Drown Away All The Toxic Negativity
We took off already.
We are all on our way Home.
All Portals are large open.


This is the real Lion’s Gate Portal,
Lions themselves opened
on 8/8
for us / NewEarth
to fly through.

Taken by Ruslan Merzlyakov on August 2, 2019 @ Møn, Denmark
After I finished making Star Portraits of the campsites guests, I still wanted to shoot some Milky Way.
When I took the first test-shot, I was amazed by the brightness and amount of the airglow in the sky – it was both red and green.
I can definitely tell, I have never captured such bright green airglow!

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