Nobody Knows The Hour


Nobody Knows The Hour

April 22, 2019, 19:19


Nobody knows the hour, but the Father.

Yet, this is that great day, in all days row.

Christ Michael of this Universe decided

the Light Ignition of the Mighty Bow.


This is a movement of Divine proportions.

Today we all as One ejected Earth.

From seven Superuniverses over

Eternal Father blows the Spark Rebirth!


The Bridge we cross is now at highest apex.

From Father’s Heart the Warriors of the Bow,

the great Archangels, Eons of Creation,

release the Rainbow with a mighty glow!


This is the Covenant of Our Father.

We, children willing, up on bridge we stand.

The Love of God is catching us from Highest,

in Unit One, in Cosmic Magic Blend!


It is Re-Union, not yet created.

The sacred wish we carry’n our chest.

Stay wake! And watch! The Bow is activated

by Father’s loving Heart, in loving Breast!






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