Now The Words Are All Void


Now The Words Are All Void


Now the words are all void.

Have you noticed that, too?

Our words smell like sewage,

run away like black goo…


We were kept in a mud hole.

Pesticides our food.

Such blah-blah, such hypnotic

life, kept dark in a hood!


Thousand new syndromes found.

Thousand vaccines to prick.

Cows and swains, thousand illness.

Yet, no needle to flick.


Our Elders were poisoned.

Our Wise Men were killed.

Our prophets from forests

with fraud, lies have been billed.


After all, what is hu-man?

What were we meant to be?

Don’t you dare to tell me,

we’re all apes from the tree!


Ou’ origins – forgotten!

Our dignity – lost!

Our DNA shortened

and disrupted by most!


Who, in God’s name, hijacked us???

Who invaded our world?

Who has locked us in prisons,

with crocs, snakes in the fold?


Are we still that Divine spark,

that from Heavens arrived,

to give rise to a planet

shining Truth, LOVE all wide?


Which raptors, which monsters were stretching

their claws to suck soul and blood,

from this blessed race of God, He sent down,

to revive to new life a healed crowd?


Can you see, the dark age is a sewage?

Can you see that black goo is all gone?

Can you feel all their words are just void,

all dissolved in God’s Fire, and done?


Yes! His Violet Flame, His Love Fire

purged all dark and all darkness away!

Ours now is to birth a new language,

fresh in Truth, Love and Light to convey!


Quellbild anzeigen







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