How Could He Carry?


How Could He Carry?

February 16, 2023, 22:22


How could he carry

such Mighty Joy,

Butterfly small?


Bring Universes

and Constellations

on Gaia Ball?


How did he manage,

minuscule being,

on tiny wing,


Great Freedom message

from the Allmighty,

from Heavens bring?


Like a small flower

danced he so lightly,

sustained by Love,


Carrying Wonders,

whole Creation

of Worlds above!


I see our Future,

in Wondrous colours,

on his sweet wing!


I dance Your Cosmos,

in You delighted…

We all three sing!


You snapped Your fingers,

ignited Freedom

for man and Earth,


Butterfly sending,

Divine in Beauty,

to bring Rebirth!


In gentle gliding,

Your lovely Blessings,

Infinite Love,


All Freedom carried,

Butterfly wondrous,

from High above…


Yes, now I see it,

our Liberation,



Messenger flying,

in joyous dancing…

A flower scent…


All tons of Joy,

and Love and Laughter,

for whole Earth,


Butterfly carried,

Great Liberation,

and New Rebirth!




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