Old World Died Today


Old World Died Today

February 21, 2023, 21:21


The old world we all know disappeared today.

Drop your old way of thinking, like snakes.

Universes bump one in each other, in shock,

as Divine Cycles lock in giant breaks.


Brilliant Light you’ll discover in children big eyes,

with the purity they bring from the skies!

For rotten is Earth, with concoctions all sprayed

in brain, water, air, and a life filled with lies…


First, you’ll smell oxygen in your nostrils fresh breath…

Rainbow Butterflies will fly all the way.

Pure, crystalline water will dance from each source,

Divine Love will come here to stay…


Yes, our Freedom we’ll shout from all mountain peaks!…

With new wings overflow old world!

Joy and Laughter we’ll conquer this very Last Fight,

as for Aeons our Elders us told…




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