It Will Crash And Will Smash


It Will Crash And Will Smash

January 4, 2023, 13:11


It will crash and will smash,

and the oceans will splash,

Nature Elements will cleanse Mother Earth,


Till the last nano worm

infiltrated in man,

to destroy Divine Plan of Rebirth!


It will crush all construct

made against Father’s Will,

in a Fury of violence never seen,


To restore Divine Truth,

Divine Justice, and show,

Who’s One Mighty Creator ever been!


It will crash and will smash

your concoctions and lies,

void monstrous pretenses to kill,


Masquerades, horrid tricks,

tortures, wars, genocide

of all men, and this Planet to steal…


Oh, the oceans will splash,

all your misery squash,

Earth Volcanoes in fire explode,


The last nano worm burn,

dark to Light mighty turn,

by the Fury of Divine Fiery Rod!




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