Yes, We Know


Yes, We Know

Sunday, January 1st, 2023, 15:55


Yes, we know why you jab our children.

Yes, we know why you jab our old.

Millions we have lost, fathers, mothers,

precious families, all, our gold…


Yes, we know why you spray the chemtrails.

Pesticides, fungicides, poisoned crop.

Our water you poison with fluoride,

until humans and animals drop.


You make droughts, to bring us famine.

Hurricanes and cyclones, to destroy.

You are clever, you’re smart, you are wicked,

in each pocket a new, hidden ploy…


Strange, your madness, to chase every human,

for the Life Force, God put in his vein…

To forget there IS but One Creator

of Life Sacred, to honour, not slain!


Stranger still, you play Lord, when you aren’t.

Neither Planet, nor humans are yours!

Is that all you can do, kill and murder,

and deplete, poison, rob all Earth floors?…


You’ve been given enough Ultimatums.

Is this why you so desperate and insane?

Watch! Divine Justice He now activated.

In full rage Divine Karma now came!


Yes, we know you have been uncreated.

Void planets are waiting for you…

In Eternity His, you’ll have plenty

of Time, to remember what’s TRUE…


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