Hey!… My Earth Mother!


Hey!… My Earth Mother!

December 10, 2022, 23:11


Hey, my Earth Mother, you sweet Mother Earth!

We are your Love Tribe of Lovehearts from Light!

We call onto you to remember your force,

and with us slash your Light Sword in Flight!


Strongly splash in an ocean of Joy and of Glee!

Powerfully you are held in embrace.

None is stronger than you, none is more beautiful,

FATHER holds you in His wondrous Grace!…


Could it be, you, like me, lost your courage and cry,

overwhelmed by the monstrous intent?

Could it be, agonizing in darkness, so sad,

you lost hope in exploding Event?


Light we are! Love we are! Truth we are! Look at us,

we are One, all united in Force!

In your brilliant Light, we, your heroes all grew,

with you, strongest Warriors stay the course!


With us, Tribe of Lovehearts, shall you glow in the dark!

Truth and resplendent Light we’ll ignite!

Dark we’ll smash, and we’ll crash, and we’ll shatter and chase,

Mother Earth Liberate wide and bright!


Cherished one, Mother Earth, Universe waits for us!

In the 6th Light Dimension we soar!

Strong in Truth, and in Love, and in Justice and Peace,

Joy and Laughter to Heavens we roar!




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