When Father Shakes Now


When Father Shakes Now

December 15, 2022, 11:11


When Father shakes now Kilimanjaro, the Alps,

and throws Everest all on your head;

Where do you run? Where do you hide?

What miserable lies you still spread?


When His Liberty Sign now resounds in full,

for Mankind and Earth to Ascend;

Oh, how lost you will call mountains fall over you,

Divine Justice not able to stand!


Watch: Ascension He fully Defined. Right now

Galaxies synchronize for the Leap.

Watch: Commander Hatonn, from Antares took aim,

Nebadon Mother Ship course to keep!


You destroyed His Creation, this Divine Masterwork,

Earth and man, with your steel monster claw…

Last day finally came. Universe glows in Light,

Divine Justice serves now Sacred Law!




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