For I Tell You, You Sleep…


For I Tell You, You Sleep…

Sunday, October 2nd, 2022, 17:17


For I tell you, you sleep, though you don’t believe me.

You all miss to discern through their crap!

Take their LIES for the Truth, you die more day by day,

and can’t see how deep fell in the trap!!!


They use radio waves which are dimming your Light.

Like a big herd of sheep watch TV.

You can’t feel, through the waves, your subconscious gets dull,

hypnotized, you’re displaced, and not BE.


They jab your babes at birth, healthy children of Might!

Then you swallow their drugs, and obey.

They kill you one by one, with their lethal vaccines,

yet, for next one in damn line you stay!!!


With the LED lamps they control your brain waves.

Bravely drink poisoned water-fluoride.

You’re obese for they feed you exact medicines,

criminal butchers, just as with Covid…


Kneel to them! Leek their arse! Let them slaughter your kids,

with adrenochrome rejuvenate!

With cadavers we’re fed, from killed children in womb,

soon all locusts, worms, crickets we’ve ate!


Sons of God we all are! Beings-Light of His Light!

But dark butchers made us to their slaves!!!

Till one day Truth explodes! The veil falls off our eyes,

and to hell we smash them with their waves!!!




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