Call Father For Help!


Call FATHER For Help!

October 1st, 2022, 22:10


Call FATHER for help, American brother!

Do it now, urgently! Take this clue!

Do it now, as the Earth is still turning,

and as sky above us is still blue!


We are crying for you from the distance.

You are lost, but you cannot perceive!

In your brain they disrupted the bridges,

connections you can no more receive!!!


Look at you, how you turn all around,

like those dogs, chasing tails in vain!

Thinking yours is disrupted and drifting,

for they want humans all to be slain…


No, they are not of God, they are raptors!

We are all put in coma, and trance…

We lost North, our center and focus!

On their fusses, we all puppets dance…


More blah-blah can this world no more bear…

For how long we just talk and say nought?

Can’t you see, we lost vision and action,

concentration, straight focus of thought???


Mighty Being of Light is the human.

Heaven helps, only if we, humans ASK!

This is our Divine Gift! Tool so mighty!

Only KEY, to complete our Task!!!


Do, remember, the Name of the FATHER.

Our Light bursts from His Divine Light!

Aeons we’ll still agonize in our struggle…

Let us call FATHER join our Fight!!!


He respects our Free Will as holy.

On the spot answers He, when we call!

We came here to save all Mankind,

and this wondrous Earth, Tiny Blue Ball…


Oh, Americans, our poor lost brothers!…

You still waiting for Justice from hell???

Call for FATHER to help, in this moment!

Hit and blow! Burst Divine Justice Bell!!!




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