The Chord Has Been Struck!


The Chord Has Been Struck!

Sunday, May 22, 2022, 22:22


By now you should know, the Great Chord has been struck!

The Great Music of Spheres resounds.

Great Crescendo grows Cosmic, in Cosmic Octaves!

Cosmic Voice of High Angels rebounds!.


When the Great Chord vibrations are hitting you hard,

and you tremble in Mighty Light blinding,

all your lives will return, and you’ll know Who You Are,

in the Quantum Infinity climbing!


Uncreated, Nibiru, Satanian Empires!

Mother Earth Shan, this Planet of Tears,

spoke with thunderous voice, with Her Sword slashed Her Will,

never ever allow War and Fears!…


Miles high oceans roar, when the Mother shall tip.

You’ll be shaken to death, or to Bliss.

You’ll be wiped from her surface, when huge waters will rage,

or transmuted to Light with a kiss!


For the Chord has been struck! Great Crescendo arrives!

Word Divine has been spoken with Might!

No more wars, no more pain, no more slaves, human serfs!

Liberation has won Final Fight!




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