And Fill Your Chalice With The Joy Of Love…


And Fill Your Chalice With The Joy Of Love…

May 25, 2022, 15:55


This day of May, the 5th of 5th in Ages…

How many Aeons have we fought for it?

How many Aeons did we hope to happen,

to mark the greatest Timeline ever split?


Civilization Cosmic closes now.

The bells are ringing all across Creation.

The Martial Arts, given to Earth from Ancients,

do, once for ever, usher Liberation!


“We are on Red Alert!” The Lighted Forces

announce the Mother’s Axis jump and soar!

The Warriors of Light have fulfilled Mission,

for Earth to graduate with mighty roar!


How many Ages did we come to battle

the raptors and usurpers of this Earth?

To, finally, today, see us as Victors

in Greatest, Mighty, Glorious Rebirth!


Cleared is evil from all Worlds and Earth!

The Transmutation Ray of Saint Germain,

with Violet Flame Fires, uncreated

all bad and dark, to never come again!


See Purity fill Aethers to the brim!…

And fill your Chalice with the Joy of Love!

In high magnificence, our Freedom lives

to Greatest Glory of the Light above!




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