From the boots on the ground


From The Boots On The Ground

Sunday, April 3, 2022, 22:22


From the boots on the ground, a message:

May it find you in your best and well.

We are those You assigned, sent and trusted,

Prison Planet to save from the hell!


Just like Adam and Eve before Aeons…

Greatest teachers, came down to thrive;

Shocked to find themselves in blackout,

cut from Source of all Love and all Life!


Not ever Your sweet, holy Mind,

such horrors would even conceive…

Bombard our minds with pulses,

disrupt what we know and believe…


Waves confuse and dumb-down our senses.

Language twists rob all meanings from mind.

In the dogmas and weakness enshrouded,

slowly falls and degrades all mankind…


Our air is all sprayed with chemtrails,

for us all to inhale metal dust!

Plans are, even dim mighty Sunshine,

for mankind, all brain die fast, fast!


There are poisons, the crops are infested!

Furious spraying kills Earth’s Life Force!

Farmers paid to stop nourish Earth beings,

with each day, leads from bad into worse…


Wiped will be children from Earth’s surface!

The Creators among humans still sane,

better learn from dark brothers their methods,

and turn arms against them, in new game!




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