For all of LOVE is His


For All Of LOVE Is His

April 4, 2022, 11:11


For all of LOVE is His!

Nothing IS, beyond Him.

Creation is His body,

and we His Heart, His Kin!


For all of LIGHT is Father’s.

No Light IS, beyond His!

All warmth, He radiates it!

In nothingness — all freeze!


His LOVE comes on His Music.

Music vibrates from Him!

All Joy, all Dance, all Laughter

He birthed for His Kin!


TRUTH is Divine Creation.

There IS nothing beyond!

In Him we Are, in Oneness,

an unbreakable bond!


Remember TRUTH, my brother!

We are His LOVE alone!

Of His LIGHT we are birthed,

in Light we now go Home…




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