And as the Cycles change


And As The Cycles Change

March 3, 2022, 13:33


And as the Cycles change,

by Will of Great Creator,

and Planet leaps in Space,

from Poles to Equator,


When monumental jump

is watched by Universes,

and old world gets crushed

in thousand pieces curses,


When you will jump in sleep

to ceiling, of the trembling,

and shattered, shaking, shocked,

will think all worlds are breaking…


Maybe the moment came,

that monumental spot,

discover your Creator,

where you thought it’s not!


Maybe your eyes will open,

and see the Truth at once,

where through many Aeons

you didn’t give a glance…


You’ll see yourself all treading

with shackles at your feet,

enslaved and poor, snuffing

a muzzle on your beak…


In horror will discover

brothers and sisters all,

knocked out, in pain sleeping,

all muzzled, on this Ball…


Oh!…Magnificent moment!

That moment you will know,

you came to Earth with Mission

to pieces dark to blow!


This is a full-on space war/battle. Sparks were flying all over the place. schrö



schrö, March 28, 2022




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