For the wise among humans


For The Wise Among Humans

March 2, 2022, 13:39


For the wise among humans

would have grasp it, to see,

how Betrayal’s the method, the way!


From inside Infiltrating,

coward rotten the spleen,

till the body’s infected all way…


When defecting His Heavens,

used nanites to destroy

marvel nations and flourishing Life,


Was the poisonous method

of the inner Betrayal,

killing faster than all sharpest knife…


This is how they rebelled,

blaming God is not worth,

while all Divine Essence of Life,


They steal now, infiltrating,

DNA of all humans,

try to get Divine Essence with knife…


When the wise among humans

the Proportion will fathom,

of the Plan for Salvation of God,


They will see crystal clear

why the Russ Prince became now

Father’s powerful Lightening Rod!




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