Well… with such mighty winds


Well… With Such Mighty Winds

Sunday, February 20, 2022, 02:22pm


Well… with such mighty winds

overturning the Tidings,

and rains, and floods, and storms

shifting Times, changing livings…


With humans falling dead

from such innocent vaccines,

and the children young hearts

stopping lives, stopping racings…


With volcanoes erupting,

shock earthquakes under seas,

GMO and chemtrails

dropping dead birds and bees…


Underground deep tunnels,

tortured humans as slaves,

cyclones, typhoons, tornadoes,

lies…control up to graves…


When a hug is death threatning,

and folk muzzled, a must…

When all Truth squashed and quenched,

you don’t know whom to trust…


Well…This world comes to ending!

Wash, and don your New Robe!

Leap to Higher Dimensions!

Bless in Love this old orb…




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