For it is our duty


For It Is Our Duty

Sunday, February 20, 2022, 22:22


For it is our duty

and our sacred aim,

defend this wondrous planet,

ours in God to claim!


For millions of years

were we fighting, to gain

our Unity and Power,

Light Warriors to claim!


Two thousand years here,

He came, show us the way,

for ever defeat darkness,

determined, strong to stay!


We well knew, won’t be easy,

descend in hell to Earth!

Never give up, we promised,

ignite the New Rebirth!


For it is our duty,

our children loved to save,

from horror monster raptors,

our children blood that crave!


Oh!…Call all Heavens Powers!

All Heavens Violet Flame!

Dissolve for ever darkness,

on this God’s wondrous plane!!!





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