The Warriors of the Rainbow


The Warriors of the Rainbow

January 20, 2022, 22:22


“When the Earth is ravaged

and the animals are dying,

a New Tribe of People shall come onto the Earth,

from many Colours, Creeds and Classes…

And who,

by their Actions and Deeds,

shall make the Earth Green again.

They shall be known

as The Warriors of the Rainbow.”

Hopi prophecy


How many enduring Ages were we waiting for you to appear?…

How many unending lives we descended to Earth from high Sphere?

How many battles so cruel we fought to free children and elders,

and how flowers and grains have we sown, from our thousands of tears?…


Oh!…the Father of Grace will be wiping all darkness forever!…

Oh!…Divine Love in Heart will bring glorious courage to Nations!…

All His One Hundred and Forty Four Thousands magnificent Lions

will bring Glorious Joy to the Earth and enact Celebrations!…


For the Lions are we, all baptized in wars, fire and tears…

Through the Ages forgot who we are…but this moment remember…

The awaited are we, of the Rainbow His Warrior Lions,

sent by Him to bring Joy, Freedom, Love, from His Heart Oh, so tender…





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