In this great day of our Liberation


In This Great Day Of Our Liberation

January 17, 2022, 12:22


In this Great Day of our Liberation,

in droves are wounded Warriors coming home…

We are the ones, in Universal battles,

giving us all, to save this planet dome…


Ask not, if we gave all, for all we given…

Ask not, if our heart is sad and cry…

In rags we coming home, from bloody battles,

so close, each moment, shot and killed and die…


You’ll never know, or maybe Elders ours,

bonfire nights, describe to children all,

the unimaginable wars and fighting,

to smash all darkness from Tiny Dot Ball…


For all the telling, in those night descriptions,

will never giving justice to the most

of horrors, suffering and pain and tears,

of Warriors, and Masters, Angels, Host…


Oh, let tsunamis wash the Earth of sufferance!…

Oh, flood the suffering Earth with thousand floods!…

Let avalanches fall, dissolve all darkness,

from deepest core of Earth to highest clouds!…


Nobody will believe it, ages longest…

When Elders all, in tears and in pain,

will tell the children of the Worlds of Father,

how Aeons, deadly wars not fought in vain…


For over Ages, Truth will be exploding

all Hearts in Light, to celebrate with glee,

all Father’s Worlds, in children Joy and laughter,

a Liberated Earth, and all men FREE!…




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