Let Awakening manifest now!


Let Awakening Manifest Now!

December 18, 2021, 13:55


There are Cycles we crossed, upon Aeons of Time.

We are tired, in rags, and want Home…


Our lessons we learned, our deeds we have done.

In His arms we want, under His Dome.


Many died and left, on this prison of dark,

our brothers and sisters so loved…


We are tired, in rags, the most ardent our wish

is to go Home to Father beloved…


Let us manifest Truth, let’s Awaken in Him!

In those Heights of His Heavens we stepped…


Let’s blow Light of His Suns, Universes alight,

Earth Shan Gaia from darkness we saved!…


For the Cycles consumed, our Missions fulfilled.

Let Awakening now manifest!


Time annulled, Humans Healed, with Today we are Free,

Everlasting in Him, and all Blessed!…




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