Even a jay’s A sovereign


Even A Jay’s A Sovereign

November 7, 2021, 09:11 pm


Even a jay’s a sovereign in stance!

In dignified way holds head above!

How million times, a Holy Son of God,

born of Divine Light, pure Joy and Love?


The honourable raven holds its head.

A master in itself, and poised all way.

Majestic falcon, crane, the eagle, all,

keep sovereign stance, never be led astray…


How then, the Son of God, beloved and wondrous,

over the aeons kneelled to monsters lord?

All muzzled up, with sharpest whip all beaten,

forced to obey, in throat no voice a chord…


Enough! The Holy Son of God beware!

The monstrous age of slavery has closed!

The theft of Freedom stops. The human virtue

on Sovereign head of Son of God is posed!




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