Aton: The Days Are Numbered


Aton: The Days Are Numbered

Saturday, October 30, 2021, 23:23



OCTOBER 29, 2021 






Greetings from your Creator! 

Yes, I have created this most beautiful planet in Cosmos, and provided a most wonderful environment, for you to gain great soul growth. You are not puppets on a string, for me to control and force you to obtain soul growth.

The dark forces chose this plane for their last planet, as they had destroyed countless planets in the eons of time they roamed the Cosmos. Because of this, Earth is a very difficult school room for great soul growth. She was controlled by the Dark Forces.

These evil ones had methodically tried to destroy Earth, taking myriads of great returned ,Masters to get the job done. You must know, when living on a 3D planet you live without memory of your great Lighted Realms heritage. Many of you returned reincarnated Masters have joined the Forces of Darkness by your free choice, or you were tricked into their side because of lack of discernment.

It was my greatest hope that some of you returned great Masters would awaken to the Truth, to help Mother Earth rid herself of the Satanian Empire. In all the civilizations on Earth, there were none who took that power within, to help Mother Earth.

This last civilization is different, in the sense that those returning to her for soul growth were the greatest of Masters in the Higher Realms. They had graduated, but were willing to reincarnate again in the lower octave, to get the job done.

What happened? Did anyone awaken? Yes, a minuscule number did so. In comparison to the great population of Masters and their families, the population increased to 6.5 billion people. 

I am sad to say that many of these are clones, who out-number the souled ones, but those asleep to the Truth are categorized along with the clones, for they were trapped into to Dark Camp.

A few hundred ones woke up to the Truth and their mission, and are called Sananda’s Flock.  Out of Sananda’s Flock, there were some that have achieved the level of soul growth to finally help with the clean-up of Mother Earth. These ones have, with the help of Sananda, been able to act in many ways.  I shall not go into detail, but the clean-up did include the riddance of the Satanian Empire.

The remaining problem is that his minions were left behind,  By that, I mean the returned Masters who fell into his camp, and are still trying to carry out his mission, with the help of many clones under their control. 

Mother Earth is very grateful that so much has been done to obliterate the evil, to make her again a bright blue planet.  However, this is not the end of the story.  Those very minions have kept up Satan’s wishes, even though he has been uncreated.

But now Mother Earth’s graduation process has begun.  Her volcanoes are ready to explode with a violence never seen before.  Untold amounts of lava boil and rage just under her surface, ready to spew it forth with a vengeance.  The waters are rising to flood the lands, and when she graduates, it shall be WITHOUT WARNING. When she does tip, all the oceans will spill upon the land up to 5 miles high.

Yes, Mother Earth is holding her breath to make all look normal. IT IS NOT NORMAL!  She is ready to explode and exhale ANY TIME NOW.  Here is the Truth!  We, of the Lighted Realms, have 15 minutes of your time, to evacuate all who wish to come to safety.  The Lighted Realms Pleiadian ships are ready and in coordination to this event. 

You have been told countless times, that a beam to safety will light, to evacuate those who wish. Great soul growth is made by choosing to be beamed to safety. Even if you have not awakened to the Truth, but step into the beam, you gain great soul growth by doing so.  This may be the last time that I shall tell you this, but it is the TRUTH!

I cannot and will NOT make you board to safety.  If you refuse to step into the Lighted Beam, you will physically perish. Your soul will be taken to the level of your growth, on another 3D planet, to the cave, to start over with another 3D flesh body. It is your choice.

I shall NOT mention this procedure again.

How much I LOVE all of you!!! I would not have said what I said, if I did not care about you!  Each one of you IS a very precious soul!



O.N.E. News / Galactic News Service



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