I bet you’re proud of your gruesomeness


I Bet You’re Proud Of Your Gruesomeness

October 28, 2021, 22:44


I bet you’re proud of your gruesomeness!

I bet lil’ tony hits a gig all day!

Look, bill and klaus dreams awake mankind,

while carcasse-joe does slowly melt away!…


We know, the pride is all you bring to table.

You lost all Paradise, with stupid dreams…

Abominable plans, to kill mankind,

and hear the wondrous God’s creations screams…


What’s this repugnant smell of rotten corpses?

What’s this volcanoes fire spit and smoke?

Could be…God’s wrath and Mother Gaia’s fury

put now an end to your macabre joke?


Watch out: your bunkers gold has turned to ashes.

Ice-cream adrenochrome is burnt and gone…

Tell joe and nancy, our Warriors-Army

saved children slaves, in work heroic done!


Horrendous thought, to confront your Creator!

Now, serious, you ever hoped to win?

You gruesome, awful, poor fallen angels:

Who ever touch Divine Creator’s Kin?




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