For this we came


For This We Came

September 21, 2021, 17:55


Yes! I’m just as excited! New waves

wash my heart, mighty tide of the New…

The Momentum we reached, pulsing strongly,

we are wading through fields of new dew!


It is for this we came! We knew not,

of how cruel and deadly will be.

Or we knew… but we couldn’t conceive

the high price we would pay, to be free!


Quantum Salto so unprecedented!

So hard lessons we all needed learn…

‘Member Love, learn compassion and justice,

overcome dogmas, false values burn…


Painful times, sacrifices and sufferance…

Many heroes lost lives in the wars…

Abused children, abused trafficked humans,

ripped mankind to depths of our cores…


We reached now Transformation Momentum.

We stand strong, all awake from our trance.

Yes. For this we have come. To shift Ages,

and in Freedom to sing and to dance!!!




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