New Mind


New Mind

September 9, 2021, 20:00


Summer ends. Start think new, with new mind.

Christ transmuted your pain into Joy!

To the Stars we all fly…Constellations

welcome us and embrace us. Ahoy!…


He restored our genome to Beginnings…

Wondrous sons of Most Wondrous we are!

We’ll know Truth in its Light and its Wonder.

Dignity shall we shine, bright and far!…


Wipe your tears: Son of God is reborn.

What’s today, is tomorrow no more.

Families will unite… Joy and Freedom

with space brothers and sisters, galore…


As He promised, we are new, fresh reborn.

Healthy bodies, pure hearts like a dove…

Let’s rejoice!… Let’s go dancing and singing!…

Vibrant Life gave us New, through His Love!…





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