To your senses


To Your Senses

September 8, 2021, 14:44


To your senses you’ll be coming at last.

You’ll have to give back all you’ve stolen.

You’ll drop all your pomp, scales and stunk.

You’ll crawl in your goo, like the fallen.


Multitudes of your victims fill courts.

On His throne, blinding Light shines the Father.

He’s the LOVE, that you smashed and you’ve thrown.

Now all worlds, to wash you, have no water…


You can run: there are not hiding places!

Universe closed its gates to your deeds.

Christ Himself put in Stasis Orion.

Great Pleiades, Bright Sirius bleeds…


You’ll face Justice, now, once and forever.

Sanctity of Creation you’ll see!

All is blessed in God’s Sacred Creation!

Be gone now!… God’s Children are Free!




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