A time is coming


A Time Is Coming

Friday, September 3, 2021, 20:21


A time is coming when all pain is gone…

When mothers, fathers finish their mourning.

The Tide will turn, and the man will be witness

to mighty Tide of Aeons ever turning.


You’ll need your courage and your strength, to stand.

You’ll see your children rescued from the bases.

Those soldiers heroes, loosing fast their minds,

holding the tortured children, seen their faces…


Then, all your life will be explained to masses.

You’ll learn you’ve been a slave for many ages.

How many colonies, of trafficked humans,

like children in the tunnels, kept in cages.


You’ve been abused, usurped and lied upon.

Your dignity tread on, with monster boots.

Your Holiness Divine, in all your souls

by monsters trodden, down monsters roots…


It’s not your fault. Your Truth was from you hidden.

Fetch all your strength, to hear all Truth revealed.

The Tide has turned. Your Father has decided

salvage His Kin, and New an Earth to build!




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