The Moment of Non-Time


The Moment Of Non-Time

August 31, 2021, 01:55


There is a Moment of Non-Time to come.

For Aeons promised, now just underway.

Christos Alenis Alaina Uma

only knows hour, and the time and day.


A little snap of fingers from the Father,

and all the Cosmos shatters and explodes!

All grids on fire, Galaxies all hauling,

in thunder Gaia lightning all her nodes…


You, who forgot there is a God in Heavens.

You, who believe you stem from earthly apes:

Watch out! Son of God dissolves all darkness,

when Moment of Non-Time hits all Sun’s Gates!


There is a Moment of Non-Time in coming.

To 5th Dimension Gaia jumps to Be.

When all the children loved of God, are ready

to Be the Light, the Love, the Truth, and Free!





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